How To Troublshoot A Vehicle Windshield Wiper Pump

Posted on: 27 May 2018

If you experience uneven fluid spraying, no spray from your windshield wipers, the pump could be defective. The windshield wiper pump removes the windshield wiper fluid through hoses into the reservoir, and it should make a unique sound when you start it.  Windshield wipers can wear out after constant operation, but other issues could be a factor. Follow these troubleshooting tips to diagnose windshield wiper pump problems. Prepare to Troubleshoot Windshield Wiper Pump
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Did You Accidentally Break Your Girlfriend's Windshield While Washing Her Car? 3 Tips To Make Things Right

Posted on: 10 May 2018

You were looking forward to seeing the happiness on your girlfriend's face when you rolled up with a freshly washed car. Yet, you knew that things went horribly wrong within seconds of applying the prewash spray. Unfortunately, the combination of a scorching hot windshield and frigid water can lead to cracks in the glass due to the rapid temperature change. While your girlfriend will probably understand that accidents happen, you need to take these steps to make her car safe to drive again.
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Finding Value In An Auto Repair Shop: What To Look For

Posted on: 6 March 2018

Vehicles, especially in the United States where public transportation options are limited and limiting, are a necessary evil. Their upkeep is also a necessary evil. Trying to find an auto shop where you feel comfortable taking a vehicle regularly is often a chore, especially when your old, preferred auto shop has closed its doors for good. You want to find a new shop with the most value you can get for every auto repair you may need in the future.
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How To Avoid Common Tire Mounting Mistakes

Posted on: 11 January 2018

If you mount and balance your tires on your own, you need to take special precautions to make sure that you don't make any mounting errors. You want your tires to be properly mounted in order to stay safe on the road. Use Lubricant Do not skip out on lubricant when you are mounting tires. You should use lubrication when you are both mounting and removing tires. You should put lubricant on the balcony of the wheel drop, on the bead seat, and on the inner toe area of the tire bead.
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